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What Can You Get for Supporting the Performing Arts?

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It is just so saddening to know that when budgets are cut in the communities and schools, the performing arts and center get to be affected first. Well, this is not surprising because there are those who look at playing instruments, dancing, and singing as a colossal waste of time, most especially for some community leaders out there. Regardless, it cannot be denied that it is one of the most relevant activities the youth may actually partake in.

Why should you support the performing arts then?

Supporting the Performing Arts

Here are some of the forgotten reasons why many must think about supporting the performing arts. Please jot down notes of the following:

Promotes stronger communities

The performing arts are expected to be one of the foundations of a stronger community. It is present for its cohesiveness. Imagine an area in the community which focuses on dance, drama, and music? Kids will be able to participate in them, not just in mere pop culture. Based on the research done by the University of Pennsylvania, communities that accept the art have higher productivity as far as welfare and civic engagement are concerned.

Cultivate Creative Fields and Industries

Yes, creativity is an industry in itself. Sans the performing arts, such industry is unlikely to exist as well. As for the analysis performed by Dun and Bradstreet, there are almost 800,000 businesses in the United States which are part of art’s distribution and creation. These businesses would employ almost millions of people which in turn, represent at least 3% of its workforce and 5% of it is for businesses. These businesses would usually include films, theaters, museums and even symphonies.

Benefits Local Merchants

Local merchants also gain when communities hold activities or events such as concerts, plays, and ballets. As a matter of fact, Patrons would spend $30 of their money for babysitting, parking, and meals just to grace the event. Once the attendees are not from the community, if they are non-locals, they would spend even twice of the expected budget just to attend the affair. Imagine the advantages it would bring to the local community.

Affects Academic Performance

Those who contribute in the performing arts in school attain higher and even better grades in school. This is why schools should also exert efforts in ensuring that they do their best to enrich such program in their institution. By participating in the arts, learners are given the chance to develop their memory skills and attention span even more. These are beneficial in excelling in core subjects like science and math. What is even more promising is that this can translate to a better score in SAT.

Of all the given advantages above, do not forget the workers of course. They are at the forefront when it comes to feeling the changes as well. As they experience the activities, they also get to be creative when it comes to reaching solutions to most problems. A college degree in the arts can just be too essential this way.

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