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What You Must Know about Performing Arts and Its Branches

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Music, drama, and dance are normally performed in a large crowd of people. This is dubbed as the performing arts. This kind of art is way different from the so-called plastic arts simply because it does not involve several artworks alone which are crafted from materials including paint, clay, metal, and wood. Most of these artworks are created by artists and are displayed in exhibits. Compared to performing arts though in which calls for the presence of artists and yes, this is a requirement.

Needless to say, this type of art is not so foreign to the society. As a matter of fact, it has been around for quite a long time now. It even began centuries ago. This kind of art is typical of most schools all over the world. Thus, it involves a good number of people who have a passion for pleasing the crowd. They do this by showcasing their talents. The artists would normally wear wigs, costumes, footwear, and masks. Furthermore, they can also have other accessories so that they can transform into a different person most especially if they are in front of the crowd in which they perform for.

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As said, there are three branches that divide the performing arts – dance, drama, and music. What should be remembered about all of these then? What are their unique differences and characteristics?

  • Dance – this refers to the movements of the body which is guided by a certain rhythm. To perform a dance is not only intended for the crowd to be indulged and please, this is also a form of expression most especially of the sentiments of the performers. This is also a way to show the different types of culture in which the individual has. This even tells about the history of a particular place. It may be in various forms: dance, ballet, among others.
  • Drama – this art is usually about acting, which is done in front of people. In here, the performers would act out in a particular story so that the audience may be entertained. For the best performance, this is typically combined with music, dance, acting, sound speeches, and many other elements that may engage the crowd even more.
  • Music – music encompasses the notion that it is only about musical instruments or sounds. It also involves the people who play the instruments, alongside with the voices of those who are singing. Music began many years ago and the rest was history. What makes music complete? There are four-pitch, dynamic, rhythm and timbre. These are crucial for this kind of art to flourish.

Needless to say, each and every branch of performing arts has a role to play in the world of entertainment. This would always get the interest of many people, that they are so invested in it so much. This is a chance to showcase most talents an skills. It is also a good way to let the world know that there are various things that the performers may do and offer.

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