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What You Need to Know about Most Performing Arts Center in Singapore

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The contemporary performing arts in Singapore have always been heavily influenced by foreign culture, education, and technology. It is dubbed to be the synergy of various indigenous performing arts which are very much true in Western cultural forms. Among the most common types practiced though are dance, music, and drama. What else should you know about them?

Pondering the Different Types of Art


Contemporary Singaporean dances have been a touch of foreign styles. For instance, you may find cracking and electric boogie. Basically, dance is performed so that people are entertained. This is also a way to express sentiments for one another. It is the time when many explore mambo, quickstep, salsa, waltz, foxtrot, robot movement, cha-cha-cha, break and twist. These are just samples. The performance of these dance styles may depend upon the function. It may be for weddings, church, parties, funerals, festivals, and durbars. There are also dance competitions which may be watched. Indeed, dancing is a lucrative enterprise that ever surrounds the lion city.


The contemporary music in Singapore is about myriad styles and concepts. What is even good is that there is no complete eradication of the indigenous styles in music. There are musicians who would normally blend foreign and indigenous music styles and they may be the tool to making their own songs. Among the genres they have are pop, jazz, music, Rock and Roll, Blues, Ragga, Reggae, Indian and Arabic and R&B. Singapore is also a place for pop music and this is influenced by the Western culture again. The most commendable reality though is that church or choral music is still evident. The same is also true with brass band music, military and regimental music which are classical in nature.


Just like any other, Singaporean contemporary drama is performed on stage and it is meant to be shown in a theatre. It is an uninterrupted performance by actors and actresses who portray roles in a story which they depict in the performance. The audience may participate though – they can clap, boo and shout so that they may express their sentiments towards the entire performance. Among the inclusion of drama are comedies, operas, plays, comedies, and cantatas. Most themes are meant to preach about principles and regulations during social gatherings, festivals, and parties. They are also bound to entertain. There are those on the other hand which is staged to educate the whole general public about social issues including personal hygiene, healthy living and norms and laws of the land that includes patriotism. This may transpire too.

With these forms of arts, it is not surprising that Singapore becomes really commendable. As they prosper, their performing centers also do. They are the embodiment of how creative and artistic Singaporeans are. While it is true that they adopt, they also get to use these types of art to express their patriotism and nationalism. This is why most people must support their centers.

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